so a while ago i got a wig stand, and it was really blank and creepy so i drew a face on it


doesn’t look too badbut when i add the wig and turn it to the side…


Michael Jackson

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The most frustrating thing is not being able to just get up in the middle of school and start drilling your steps

Or the middle of the night.

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my ex sent me pics of another girl sucking his weiner one time because he thought it would make me mad and i wrote back “did your mom do something different with her hair?” 

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I hope you kiss me really hard when I see you.



Martin Freeman will be the guest of 

Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Friday, 25. April 2014, 22.00 UK time

on Channel 4

Martin alert


When you, on occasion, hear a song and realize it’s a song you’ve been trying to find for months or years


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it is a mysterious business"
“As a rule” said Holmes, “the more bizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be. It is commonplace, featureless crimes which are really puzzling, just as a commonplace face is the most difficult to identify. But I must be prompt over this matter.”
“what are you going to do, then?” I asked. “To smoke,” he answered. “it is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won’t speak to me for fifty minutes.
The adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The red-headed league
In studies where patients are undergoing surgery, listening to music has shown to be more effective than taking anti-anxiety drugs on reducing anxiety.
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